Can You Make Money With TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit Review

I have totally neglected this blog over the last couple of weeks due to the fact that I have been working very hard on sites with my new partner. We’ve to get 9 niche sites up in the last couple of weeks which is pretty cool, I think if we can to keep this pace up we should be making good money in 6 months time. Obviously I’ve also got my own sites that I’ve been working since I joined the Keyword Academy 4 months ago ticking alone in the background. I’ll be doing the occasional spot of link building to my own sites but the vast majority of my efforts will be going into the new sites.

I have to say, having someone do the content for the niche sites really allows me to focus and concentrate on the things that need to be done. My problem since I started trying to earn money with Google is getting sidetracked all too easily because their is just so much you need to do in the Make Money Online game if you want to succeed.

Joining the Keyword Academy and following the structure they set out has really helped along with learning to use Excel spreadsheets to organize my work. But having someone else to share the burden of work has been excellent, I suppose I’m starting to understand why serious Internet Marketers get so excited about outsourcing their work to other people and its something that I can see myself going a tonne in the future to make things easier.

Anyway I thought I would take ten minutes website tonight to have a look and see how this site was doing in the Google search engine results pages. I’ve also been having a look at my statcounter traffic stats to see where my visitors have been coming from and trying to figure out a way to boost my traffic up a notch.

Is TaskRabbit a Scam?

At the moment we’re getting about 35 unique visitors a day to this site which isn’t too bad considering I haven’t been promoting it very vigorously at all. I put the reason it has been moving up the Google search engine results pages down to the fact that it is starting to age more than Is Healthywage a Scam because I have letting loose on it with my special ninja SEO skills.

From looking at the keyword analysis on statcounter and can see that I’m starting to rank for a reasonable number of longtail keywords related to earning money online and how to earn money with Adsense. We’re sitting at 8th to 15th in the SERPS for the following keywords:

Is TaskRabbit Legit?

I suppose if I want to make progress I am going to have to make a plan of action. Like I said I’m busy with other money making projects at the moment so I’m have to limit myself to about an hour a week on this blog which means I won’t be able to post much due to time constraints. I’m going to use all the time I have available to start getting quality backlinks from all available sources with anchor text that matches the keywords I am targeting.

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

You should know that the anchor text used in the backlinks that link to your site is extremely important in how well you rank in Google and what keywords you rank for. Google uses the anchor text to try and figure out what your site Is Inboxdollars Legit is about so make sure you manipulate this fact to your advantage by getting people who link to your site to use relevant anchor text.

Will I Get Paid With TaskRabbit?

I haven’t done much to publicize this blog since I set it up so there are plenty of things I can do to get extra backlinks. I’ll write a few articles for the likes of and maybe do a couple of hub pages. More importantly I’m going to try and find some friends in the earn money online niche who are interested in a link exchange. This is a quick and easy way of getting backlinks that won’t take up too much of my precious time.

Adsense Make Money Online Needs Your Help

Like I said time is short and I need links to get this baby up to the top of Google so if you have a website that deals with any topics that are a vague match for this blog it would be great if you could throw a link with some nice relevant anchor text my way. If you email me and tell me about the link I’ll repay you with a link from elsewhere, I would greatly appreciate any help!

That’s all for this time, hopefully the next time I post I will have built up a few quality backlinks and will be moving in the right direction in the search engines.